Blue bus

Tour Description

India has a population of 1.3 billion people! How does this collective mass of people get from one place to another? The Indian railways are legendary; so are the local trains of Mumbai. But, as far as the people of Cochin are concerned the private owned local buses are the lifeline of this city; the ferry services connect the many islands and the tuk-tuk’s takes care of the last mile connectivity. Come with us on a journey of a lifetime where you get to experience to travel like a local, wander the bazaars like a local and eat like a local.

Tour Details

Program Start End Duration
Morning 08:30 12:30 4 Hours
Evening 15:00 19:00 4 Hours
The rendezvous point for the program is the Fort Cochin bus stand.

Highlights: Travel in a local bus, explore local market, coffee at local coffee house, take a public ferry.

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