Tour Description

This is a unique program covering the cultural vibrancy of Fort Cochin wherein you get the rare opportunity to get introduced to a few among the 20 and more communities that live in Cochin. They have lived in Cochin for more than a century and some of them have lived here for over 5 centuries! This gives us a glimpse of different lifestyles, dressing, food, traditions and religious beliefs. This is a stellar example of the spirit of unity in diversity. Going through the back alleys of Cochin we venture out into the inner parts which still holds some of the best kept secrets and gives you insights into the plentitude of cultures that makes up the unique culture of this place! The program will also include stops to try out some delicacies that have made its way into Cochin from other parts of India and some from other parts of the world! This is a program that challenges your sense of smell with the aromas of spices and incense; that challenges your sense of taste with sweetness and sourness; that challenges your sense of sound with the myriad cacophony of temple bells, honking tuk-tuks and the call of the fishermen!

Tour Details

Program Start End Duration Distance
Morning 08:30 11:30 3 Hours 12 Kilometers
Evening 15:30 18:30 3 Hours 12 Kilometers
The rendezvous point for the program will be communicated to the guest driver.

Highlights: Tuk-Tuk ride through old spice market and back alleys of Cochin; tea & snacks at local tea shop; stories on local culture.