Tour Description

On this tour we follow a canal and pick up stories from along the canal. This is the story of thousands of ships which came in-to this part of the world looking for this tiny piece of land we fondly call Kochi. People came searching for exotic spices and riches untold making this tiny hamlet into a bustling metropolis. Folklore unfolds here talking about the stories of lands afar and near. The trade opportunities created by Kochi was so immense that this tiny hamlet quickly became the choice destination of trade competing with all the other big trade destinations in India! The traders brought with them their languages, their music, their food and their smells! Many of these traders are long gone, but their essence still lingers in the air! One little canal became the central vein coursing through the heart of Kochi. People of all walks of life scrambled to find a foothold by the banks of this canal, every square inch of land being used. The banks were filled with merchants selling their wares; power brokers negotiating deal

Tour Details

Program Start End Duration Distance
Morning 06:30 09:00 2.5 Hours 12 Kilometers
Program starts and ends at RAW Adventure Rider’s Point.

Price – INR 600

Highlights: Bicycle ride along the lesser explored parts of Kochi, Visit a local competitive pigeon flyer, tea and snack at a local tea shop.


Please carry sunglasses, hat, sunscreen lotion rain protection gear & insect repellent.
Reflector jackets and helmets are mandatory while cycling.

Please keep yourself well hydrated.

Please check with your expedition manager about taking photographs.

Please check with your expedition manager about etiquettes while entering homes, temples and other religious establishments.
Toilet-facilities: Can be arranged on request.
                                   Notes & Terms of Service
1) Most of our bicycles are Trek 3700 V mountain bikes and Scott Subcross 40 D touring bikes; these bikes are unisex models and will have a center cross bar on the frame. Hence ladies are requested to wear shorts/trousers for riding convenience. In case you require a lady’s bike, we can offer the basic B-Twin 7 speed lady’s bicycles in medium and small size. 
2) The heights of the guests must be intimated to us 5 days before the tour.
3) Clients may want to spend more time while on our tours, which we would appreciate , but please do anticipate the same and make sure you leave enough time for that and clients do not have to rush back to join some other program scheduled by you.
4) Strength – Minimum 2 PAX – Maximum 20 PAX.
5) Inclusions – Bicycle, helmets, reflector jackets, water bottles, tea & snacks, service of expedition manager.
6) Since the program is a reflection of life as it is, the Expedition Manager may modify the program on certain days, keeping the best interest of the guests and the sentiments of the locals in mind.