Good Morning Kochi

Tour Description

Join us on this joy ride around the unexplored parts of Kochi to see how Kochi wakes up. The best way to see Kochi is of course by riding a bicycle! We ride along the beach road and wave at the ever cheerful and friendly folks of Kochi while they walk and jog to keep themselves fit. Pass through the Veli grounds and out of the perimeters of Fort Kochi to explore the unexplored parts of Kochi; the part of Kochi that is filled with stories of the local people. Riding through a colony we nod back nonchalantly to the people who are just getting ready for yet another fruitful day. We fondly call this colony The British Colony because of its connection with the Queen. Ever heard of the big fat Indian Wedding? Wait until we tell you how fat it can get, and how the people of this colony, the big fat wedding and the Queen are all intricately connected!

As we ride along the streets, we can see how the largest women’s empowerment initiative in the world is helping us in Keeping our Kochi a clean Kochi. We slip into a lane with two churches, harken to the faint hum of gospel songs from the Church afar. Stop! What sort of a day is it if you don’t have a cup of Chai! Step right into a local tea shop for a quick chai and a bite, smile at the friendly faces in the Chai shop; like you, they are gearing up for yet another adventurous day! As we ride through roads which are slowly getting busier, we slow down as a school bus stops to pick up some kids on their way to school…. Some excited faces some not so excited. Well the kids have to go to school to give wings to their dreams; but wait until we tell you the story of how the dreams of some people in Kochi are rested on the wings of pigeons! Allow us to tell you the stories of the pigeon flying competitions, you may meet one such pigeon aficionado and feed his birds!

Ride along with us and soon you see the much familiar the magnificent rain trees of Fort Kochi. We sprint the last mile to make it to where we started from, not quite realising you have just pedalled 12 Kilometers! We have got this day started for you!

Tour Details

Program Start End Duration Distance
Morning 06:30 09:00 2.5 Hours 12 Kilometers
Program starts and ends at RAW Adventure Rider’s Point.

Price – INR 600

Highlights: Bicycle ride along the lesser explored parts of Kochi, Visit a local competitive pigeon flyer, tea and snack at a local tea shop.


Please carry sunglasses, hat, sunscreen lotion rain protection gear & insect repellent.
Reflector jackets and helmets are mandatory while cycling.

Please keep yourself well hydrated.

Please check with your expedition manager about taking photographs.

Please check with your expedition manager about etiquettes while entering homes, temples and other religious establishments.
Toilet-facilities: Can be arranged on request.
                                   Notes & Terms of Service
1) Most of our bicycles are Trek 3700 V mountain bikes and Scott Subcross 40 D touring bikes; these bikes are unisex models and will have a center cross bar on the frame. Hence ladies are requested to wear shorts/trousers for riding convenience. In case you require a lady’s bike, we can offer the basic B-Twin 7 speed lady’s bicycles in medium and small size. 
2) The heights of the guests must be intimated to us 5 days before the tour.
3) Clients may want to spend more time while on our tours, which we would appreciate , but please do anticipate the same and make sure you leave enough time for that and clients do not have to rush back to join some other program scheduled by you.
4) Strength – Minimum 2 PAX – Maximum 20 PAX.
5) Inclusions – Bicycle, helmets, reflector jackets, water bottles, tea & snacks, service of expedition manager.
6) Since the program is a reflection of life as it is, the Expedition Manager may modify the program on certain days, keeping the best interest of the guests and the sentiments of the locals in mind.